Who are the owners of doterra?

Persistence is key for Nicole and Danny Larson. It's what brought them together, kept them on the path to becoming doterra founders, and allowed them to build a successful doTERRA business.

Who are the owners of doterra?

Persistence is key for Nicole and Danny Larson. It's what brought them together, kept them on the path to becoming doterra founders, and allowed them to build a successful doTERRA business. An essential oil company that changes the world drop by drop. Imagine the world 12 years ago, when most people were unaware of the benefits of essential oils and access to purity was limited.

At that time, the hearts and minds of seven qualified individuals came together under the visionary leadership of David Stirling to form a unique organization called doTERRA. Now, take a minute to breathe in the incredible progress in global expansion and the opportunities that have exploded, as doTERRA is recognized as the world leader in what has become an eight billion dollar essential oil industry. As David continues to lead doTERRA as CEO, his natural abilities to guide unprecedented global growth, including new market openings, and truly remarkable co-impact sourcing, benefit the entire doTERRA family. Through all of David's accomplishments, he continues to place people's growth and progress as the first priority of his leadership, guiding others through his kindness and service-centered mindset.

He will tell you that his greatest accomplishments are the many wonderful friends, exciting adventures and incredible service opportunities that have been created for the entire doTERRA family, through the growth and success of doTERRA. Emily plunged into the world of direct sales and essential oils in the late 90s, when there was very little knowledge about them in the United States. As a young mother, she loved the empowerment essential oils offered her to take charge of her family's health and decided to let the world know what she had discovered. Her passion for intuitive well-being and helping people drove her to understand all aspects of a very complex business, and she broke the glass ceiling, becoming the first woman in the company's history to hold an executive position and a position on the board.

Sales that had been flat for years tripled in just three years, as he joined a talented executive team, staff and field leaders to implement a new vision and strategies. Greg graduated in International Relations from Brigham Young University. Between traveling, fishing, reading and keeping up with current events, he finds the greatest joy in spending time with his wife, Julie, and their five children. Rob's expertise in skincare, personal care, consumer products, and developing and marketing nutritional wellness products and programs is broad and profound, prompting others to look to him often for solutions.

Rob has a big heart and often looks for ways to support others in need through the joint impact sourcing initiatives of doTERRA and the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. Rob and his wife Debbie have five children and are the proud grandparents of their first granddaughter. As one of the founding executives and founding general counsel of doTERRA, Mark has been instrumental in the pursuit of pure products, pure commercial product practices, pure intentions and, most importantly, pure love for humanity. While leading with his sharp mind and kind heart, Mark has mentored thousands of doTERRA employees and wellness advocates to go beyond their comfort zones and serve others.

As a founding executive who oversees doTERRA's Healing Hands Foundation and other philanthropic efforts, he leads the mission of empowering people and communities around the world to achieve positive and sustainable change and become self-reliant. Mark's work and influence are reflected globally in fighting human trafficking, access to education, clean water and health care, supporting children, empowering women, responding to natural disasters, and mentoring others to. Mark is always very excited to support doTERRA wellness advocates who are finding ways to participate in good in their own communities through doTERRA Healing Hands partner projects. Mark and his wife, Carol, are parents of five children who share a passion for helping and encouraging others to be their best selves.

When Jerry and Laura finally discovered that doTERRA was the essential oil company they had been waiting for, they immediately signed up. Not knowing how they would make it work, they set themselves the goal of being founders of the U.S. UU. .


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