Are doterra oils worth it?

doTERRA Essential Oil Review Summary Yes, so they have created their own “therapeutic grade” certification process. At least it's an honest standard where they don't add chemicals (very important) and treat farmers and distillers in other countries fairly.

Are doterra oils worth it?

doTERRA Essential Oil Review Summary Yes, so they have created their own “therapeutic grade” certification process. At least it's an honest standard where they don't add chemicals (very important) and treat farmers and distillers in other countries fairly. The first thing is that I want to say this. They are an excellent healing tool and there are hundreds of very safe, useful and proven applications for them.

doTERRA is a well-known company in the world of essential oils. They are an MLM (multi-level marketing) company that has been criticized by the FDA for making false claims about their oils, and has made many customers feel untrustworthy of large essential oil retailers. While we consider MLM to be a problematic business practice and we definitely don't tolerate making false claims about the benefits of essential oils, we wanted to find out for ourselves what type of product doterra produces. With past indiscretions and current skepticism in mind, we seek to gain a deeper understanding of doTERRA essential oils.

But don't back up this claim with much scientific evidence. It's worth noting that the purity of an essential isn't something everyone should worry about. If the only thing essential oils interest you in is filling a room with a pleasant scent, synthetic or less pure oils are a cheap and perfectly fine alternative. The reason people care about purity is that it tends to reflect more ethical and sustainable business practices, the scent will be much more pleasant and the oil can potentially be used topically, the therapeutic aspects are only present in pure oils that contain the natural components.

doTERRA states that its cultivation, harvesting and distillation processes are designed to produce some of the purest oils available. This applies to a large extent to the distillation process. As for cultivation and harvesting, it is under debate. doTERRA sources from all over the world, stating that harvesting plants in their homeland results in purer oils.

If you take it as legitimate or merely marketing, it is at your sole discretion. doTERRA doesn't, like most companies, advertise their products as 100% pure. Most of their blends are diluted with carrier oils, but this is mainly because they advertise their products as safe for topical use. However, none of this means that doTERRA oils are less pure than those of another company.

It simply means that they test and market their purity levels differently, something you should consider when comparing one brand to another. One thing missing from the doTERRA product line is organic. The company claims that it is simply impossible to certify its products as organic, considering that they are of global origin. Since certification standards may vary from state to state, and are not even available in certain countries, this holds true.

You can't just buy raw botanicals and prove they're organic, but you need to carefully select your entire supply chain and use only farms that are certified organic to begin with. Due to the size of the company and the amount of oils they produce, it is likely that they will find it extremely expensive to launch an organic line. doTERRA essential oils are definitely on the higher end when it comes to costs. Some oils are offered in 10ml bottles, which are also relatively expensive.

However, they do offer wholesale prices on all their oils. If you're a regular buyer, you find this quite attractive. However, keep in mind that, like most MLMs, it can get complicated. Like we said before, you get what you pay for when it comes to essential oils.

doTERRA's prices are quite high compared to others, but a lot of that has to do with its extensive sourcing and testing. Some people find it difficult to pay higher prices for essential oils, especially when they're not organic. However, they have a large selection and quite in-depth tests. If you only buy one or two, we think they're a little expensive.

But if you think you would use a lot of oil every month, then you can make a good profit for your money if you are subscribed. doTERRA is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company, which means that it sells its products through representatives who work entirely on a commission basis. This can involve quite aggressive sales and marketing tactics, including misleading claims about your products. In the past, the FDA criticized doTERRA for claiming that its oils could cure serious diseases such as high cholesterol, Ebola, staph infections and hepatitis C.

These marketing tactics are part of the reason we tend to think unfavorably towards MLM companies, but not everyone has a problem with that, and that doesn't mean that the products are low-quality. If you didn't already know, doTERRA is a multilevel marketing company (MLM) you know, like Avon or Tupperware, or more recently Plexus or Scentsy. One of those companies that often puts you in the awkward position of having loved ones invite you to try to sell you things, and then try to get you to sell things to your friends. They sell essential oils and other related products.

doTERRA oils are too expensive for small quantities. Amazon has organic and pure essential oils at much cheaper prices. But are expensive oils really worth the money? Thank you. Essential oils are basically plant extracts.

They are made by steaming or pressing various parts of a plant (flowers, bark, leaves, or fruits) to capture the compounds that produce the fragrance. It may take several kilos of a plant to produce a single bottle of essential oil. In addition to creating aroma, essential oils also perform other functions in plants. doTERRA members pay their share of these trips and work hard to build schools, dig wells, repair orphanages, build medical clinics and more.

Unfortunately, the link you posted to share the oils you use contains companies that are far less superior to YL and Doterra, and if you submitted those oils for a purity test, I'm afraid the results would be sad. Therefore, to answer the question of whether doTERRA oils are worth it, I have to say that it is a question of brand preference. However, there are a couple of aspects that didn't fit well for me, especially when it came to doTERRA, and I'll focus on these. However, after visiting the doTERRA facilities and some of its producers, it stopped manufacturing its own line of essential oils and did not use doTERRA and only recommended doTERRA.

I have the doTERRA starter kit because my friend was encouraging me to use them for certain ailments, but I have yet to make another purchase, since oils are expensive, especially since oil prices cost more for Canadians. I've been using doTERRA for 3.5 years and I just wanted to say that it's an incredible company that puts purity and people first. He was in diapers for 3 months when I started taking the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack and in ONE AND A HALF DAY DOSES, his brain started telling him that he needed to go to the bathroom and that he hasn't needed a diaper since. And apparently, when they did a comparison (consider that doTERRA doesn't pay them to say this, nor are they funded by doTERRA), the result was that all the oils they tested looked the same in the gas chromatograph test, but only doTERRA cells increased communication in real human cells, whereas other oils decreased and even made it worse.

Nowhere is there any mention of the way doTERRA gives back to communities in the countries from which they extract their oils, either. I came to this page because I was looking for an alternative to doTERRA, and now I have found one to research. But, when I saw that your little girl had epilepsy and that you were using doTERRA incense, I was inclined to share the following information with you. .


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