Are doterra oils overpriced?

Both are expensive medium grade oils. Because both companies are multi-level marketing companies, they have to sell products that cost more than products obtainable at traditional retailers.

Are doterra oils overpriced?

Both are expensive medium grade oils. Because both companies are multi-level marketing companies, they have to sell products that cost more than products obtainable at traditional retailers. You don't pay more because it's a better product, you pay more for the structure of the company. Another reason doterra is more expensive is that its oils are much stronger and more effective.

Many of their oils have been tested for in-house intake, making them one of the largest oil distributors in the world. If you didn't already know, doTERRA is a multilevel marketing company (MLM) you know, like Avon or Tupperware, or more recently Plexus or Scentsy. One of those companies that often puts you in the awkward position of having loved ones invite you to try to sell you things, and then try to get you to sell things to your friends. They sell essential oils and other related products.

doTERRA oils are too expensive for small quantities. Amazon has organic and pure essential oils at much cheaper prices. But are expensive oils really worth the money? Thank you. I personally avoid MLM at all costs.

Use Plant Therapy. They are the most transparent brand of essential oils I have found in my research. Their products are superior, have a safe line for children and have certified organic oils. Young Living is a scam of how expensive they are and doTERRA are thieves, since they stole all the mixes they have from Young Loving.

I love my herbal medicine oils. Why is doTERRA so expensive? Because they are sourced from all over the world and carefully tested for the right chemical compounds. They are certified to have nothing added. Other companies get away with saying they are pure by adding lower quality oils with the more expensive oils to keep them “pure”.

The company was founded in 2004 by a group of essential oil enthusiasts. Rocky Mountain Oils Strives to Develop Premium Essential Oil Blends to Improve Your Daily Life. Rocky Mountain Oils offers all customers free shipping, which already saves you a few dollars on your order. Essential oils are always too expensive, if you ask me, but I think their collection sells at a fair price.

Although Young Living offers more oils (I almost keep my account open for Northern Lights Black Fir because I love it) doTERRA ended up being my overall preference after using both oils for a year (I used Young Living for a year and then doTERRA for more than 2 years). Wow, I've been with doTERRA for more than 4 years and I've only heard, seen and experienced the best of the best. It has been discovered that the third-party tester using doTERRA has received grant money for testing from doTERRA. That same year doTERRA gave away 144,000,000.00 (144 MILLION) in FREE products to reward and thank the millions of people who love and are loyal.

After eliminating all those expenses and collecting taxes, your real profits are likely to be a fraction of what you earned in commissions from selling doTERRA. Using essential oils on patients — FALSE Blue Cross insurance plans specifically cover doTERRA essential oils — FALSE. Several months ago I posted on this site about the dangers of ingesting essential oils and the even more disturbing practice of doterra consultants who prescribe oils to ingest when they have not been trained as aromatherapists. doTERRA oils are pretty amazing and what works for one person may not work for another, it's trial and error.

With my apologies to those who ask about Young Living, I will focus on doTERRA today and leave Young Living for some time in the future. Turns out, in both cases, they were talking about Young Living essential oils and not doTERRA. As I read more and more about the products, I realize that doterra is another one of those network scheme programs. If you are content to buy expensive doTERRA oil for your personal use and not to sell it, then good for you.

On the one hand, Young Living and doTERRA have raised a lot of awareness about essential oils and the potential benefits of using them regularly. There is a Facebook group that tests oils from different companies and EG & PT have passed the same tests done on doTERRA & Young Living. But, when I saw that your little girl had epilepsy and that you were using doTERRA incense, I was inclined to share the following information with you. .


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